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Re: [PATH] PR 5126, fix for m68k PIC optimization bug

Richard Henderson <> writes:

|> On Mon, Dec 17, 2001 at 03:32:45AM +0100, Roman Zippel wrote:
|> > Hmm, this exists already on the gcc-2_95 branch, but somewhere got lost.
|> > [...searching...] This is the patch where it was changed:
|> >
|> That would suggest that there was something wrong with using
|> regs_ever_live here.  I hope Andreas can remember something
|> about this, since there is nothing accompanying the patch.

It was around this time when the pic register has been made fixed with
-fpic.  Thus regs_ever_live[PIC_REGNUM] became meaningless.  All these
variants of m68k_output_function_prologue and
m68k_output_function_epilogue must check
current_function_uses_pic_offset_table if they want to support -fpic in
the same way as the default definition.

Not making the pic register a fixed register does not work, IIRC this is
because references to the pic register can be created during reload when a
CONST_DOUBLE needs to be moved to the constant pool, and this is the first
time a pic reference is needed.


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