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Re: conversions between vectors

Aldy Hernandez <> writes:

| > Does Dan's patch include docs?  Let's first get in docs for vectors
| > corresponding to valarrays (effectively explaining those parts of
| > valarrays for C programmers), stating what is and is not currently
| ok, i don't understand c++ (or valarrays) sufficiently to be able to
| write those docs.

If you need help on some particular valarray<> semantics, please just
ask (or drop me a mail);

|  for that matter, i don't agree we should be
| patterning vectors after valarrays just because it's a well known
| interface.

For that matter, valarray<> was designed after the builtin array
support of Fortran; so given the numerical flavor or C99, I don't
think the extra effort is wasted; the Fortran front-end may even
benefit from that extension.

|  but if this is the route agreed by everyone, then i suggest
| someone knowledgeable with valarrays document the corresponding C
| extensions.
| would you be willing to write the docs?

I don't know the full implementation details of C vectors but you want
to cooperate, then I can offer my assitance.

-- Gaby

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