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Re: ada/4851: GNAT crashs on certain argument lines

Hi Florian,

You wrote:
> The old comment suggests that Generic_Position once was a procedure.
> I wonder who changed it and why. ;-) (The bug is present in the GNAT
> 3.13p sources as well, but it might not show up because of code
> generation differences.)
This code was introduced in 1999 and always had the bug you mention,
and always was a function rather than a procedure.

> 2001-11-11  Florian Weimer  <>
> 	* make.adb (Add_Switch): Make Generic_Position a procedure.
> 	The function approach did not work well because of a side
> 	effect (the function call could reallocate the table which was
> 	being indexed using its result).

Your patch is OK. I have regression-tested it against the ACT test-suite
and it passes fine, as expected. I'd only suggest a one-word comment 

<       --  Generic procedure that chooses a position for S in T at the
 >       --  Generic procedure that allocates a position for S in T at the

This better describes what the procedure does.


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