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Re: C++ PATCH to setup_vtbl_ptr

--On Wednesday, December 12, 2001 05:55:44 PM +0000 Jason Merrill 
<> wrote:

> Some of the functions-as-trees reorganization broke vtable setup for
> destructors, as we no longer call setup_vtbl_ptr when instantiating
> non-constructors.


> This patch fixes that by always pushing a
> CTOR_INITIALIZER when in a template.  The name could probably be improved,
> but it has precisely the semantics we want.  Testcase attached.
> Tested i686-pc-linux-gnu on the 3.0 branch.  Mark, this is a regression
> from 2.95; is the patch OK for 3.0.3?

Yes.  I found your patch a little tricky to read because I wasn't sure
whether setup_vtbl_ptr could ever get called for something that
wasn't a constructor or destructor.  You are assuming that never happens,
and I think you are right.  On the mainline, would you mind asserting

  DECL_CONSTRUCTOR_P (current_function_decl)
  || DECL_DESTRUCTOR_P (current_function_decl)

?  Also the comment above setup_vtbl_ptr speaks complete fiction,
and does not explain what the function really does...


Mark Mitchell      
CodeSourcery, LLC  

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