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Re: Patch instaled for vms cross compiles

On Sun, 9 Dec 2001, Kaveh R. Ghazi wrote:

> Here's the complete list of targets.

Could you check your list of targets is current with GCC, check it covers 
all the CPU/company/system values listed in install-old.texi (or, if 
they're not covered, that no such targets are any longer supported), then 
add empty entries in install.texi (indicating no specific notes at present 
for those systems - for those that don't build, you could note this) for 
all the targets (I think it is generally thought that the list of 
system-specific notes would be a good place to list all supported 
targets), merge any of the miscellaneous text about system names you think 
is still useful into install.texi, and get rid of that part of 
install-old.texi?  (I don't think that the common aliases for particular 
types of machines are any longer useful.)

(If any of the entries in your list are arbitrary - the company or system
parts could be replaced with other text without changing the configuration
- probably put "*" for the company and system in install.texi unless you
know that the specific values are those that would be generated by
config.guess on the intended system.)

Joseph S. Myers

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