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trivial patch to fix build of cross-compiler targeting mingw; please commit soon if possible

This is an adaptation of the patch mentioned in what appears
below is a diff against the latest CVS (08-Dec-2001) -- the
patch in the mailing list won't work on new CVS sources.

Please approve this (very simple) patch quickly if possible; once it
hits the trunk I can publish my html page describing (in painstaking
detail) how to build a linux-to-mingw32 cross-compiler out of the
gcc3.1 sources.

2001-12-08  Adam Megacz <>
        * added os_include_dir line to listdc++-v3/ to
          enable cross-compiling with a mingw32 target

Index: libstdc++-v3/
RCS file: /cvs/gcc/gcc/libstdc++-v3/,v
retrieving revision 1.79
diff -c -3 -p -r1.79
***        2001/12/03 22:28:57     1.79
---        2001/12/09 07:19:24
*************** if test -n "$with_cross_host" || test x"
*** 124,129 ****
--- 124,132 ----
+     *-mingw*)
+       os_include_dir="config/os/generic"
+       ;;

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