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Re: Configure patch for vfork et al on VMS

On Dec  6, 2001, "Douglas B. Rupp" <> wrote:

> No the auto detection doesn't work.

In what sense?  I see it might detect a smaller-than-optimum value,
such as 512 or so, but that should be enough for most purposes, and
will just cause multi-stage linking to kick in, which shouldn't be too
much of a problem, except for performance.  Still, libtool depends on
command lines being not longer than detected, otherwise echo of a
complete command line as a single argument may start failing, and
everything will just fall apart.  So, if you're just finding it to
choose a limit smaller than what appears to be a real limit,
reconsider it under this new light, and let me know whether you really
want to set override the auto-detected default regardless of the

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