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Re: Configure patch for vfork et al on VMS

On Thu, Dec 06, 2001 at 12:02:23PM -0800, Douglas B. Rupp wrote:
> vfork is a macro on VMS.
> fork is defined as vfork in a header file used to build gcc on VMS.


> I don't understand your statement about not using "generic Unix"
> code for VMS. The only practical way to build and maintain gcc for
> VMS is to use the Unix-like facilities available in DECC RTL.

The file libiberty/pexecute.c abstracts a lot of the nuances of
spawning child processes under various operating systems.  Currently
it's got specialized implementations for MS/DOS, Windows (with and
without cygwin), OS/2, MPW, and "everything else".  The code for
"everything else" assumes the existence of a true fork - NOT vfork.

I'm recommending the addition of a VMS-specific block to that file.

(In case you're wondering what the problem is:

      fprintf (stderr, "%s: ", this_pname);
      fprintf (stderr, install_error_msg, program);
      fprintf (stderr, ": %s\n", xstrerror (errno));
      exit (-1);

None of that is safe after vfork().  You may not have noticed since
it's only executed if exec fails.)


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