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Re: ICE outputting unaligned fp constant on powerpc-apple-darwin5.1

On Wednesday, December 5, 2001, at 10:43  AM, Dale Johannesen wrote:

>> My preferred solution would be for some enlightened person to explain
>> that I've misunderstood the PPC alignment rules :-) .
> Nope.

I knew *you* would agree, Dale, but I was hoping somebody else might 
know better.
I have been wrong more than once :-) .

>> Failing that, my next idea was to delete the sanity check, and Apple
>> is currently using such a patch.  However, that leaves the "align"
>> parameter unreferenced, and presumably this is a useful check for
>> every other GCC target.
>> There are several possible fixes, all unpalatable. Either we 1) delete
>> the check, 2) pass down more information to facilitate a smarter
>> check, or 3) conditionalize it away for PPC.
> Deleting the check is cleanest, and is arguably right since it isn't
> correct for all targets.  One thing that would be helpful to know is
> just how useful this check is.  Has it caught many actual errors in
> the past?

Define "the past." This check has been part of GCC for about three 

In light of its short existence, I doubt this alignment check has caught 
any problems yet.


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