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Re: [PATCH]: Add more altivec builtins

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Berlin <> writes:

 > Past some that are trivial (I.E. Don't even have an overloaded function
 > that could generate them), some that are faked (abs, for instance), and a
 > few conversion functions, this is all of them.

Can you send me a list of the ones that are missing?

 > There are a few more that could be converted from unspecs (the fp
 > compares), i just haven't had time to do it.

Thanks so much.

Now for the status report-- what's missing (volunteers highly welcome,
so we can get this in time for 3.1):

        - darwin varargs abi changes (stan shebs)

        - vector_size attribute (done, testing patch)

        - __builtin_types_compatible_p for overloaded functions in C
          (done, but i need to correct lots of documentation and
          testing issues that Joseph pointed out).

        - provide altivec.h with overloaded functions, etc (undone)

        - vector initializers (undone)

        - DWARF_FRAME_REGISTERS: fix usage of this throughout the
          compiler to be an expression, not a constant.   Eg.  Stuff
          like "int foo[DWARF_FRAME_REGISTERS]" to use alloca. (undone)

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