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Patch to update c99status.html for compound literals

This patch updates c99status.html to account for compound literals now
working.  Applied.

--- c99status.html.orig	Mon Nov 12 22:50:37 2001
+++ c99status.html	Sun Dec  2 23:44:15 2001
@@ -118,7 +118,7 @@
 <tr><td><em>compound literals</em></td>
-    <td></td><td></td><td>Broken</td>
+    <td></td><td>Done</td><td></td>
@@ -349,12 +349,8 @@
 declarations is present, the semantics are not; and in general the
 implementation of VLAs has not been checked against C99 requirements.</li>
-<li>Compound literals have some problems: non-constant compound
-literals are not properly treated as lvalues;
-non-<code>const</code> compound literals need
-to be put in a temporary of appropriate storage duration (possibly
-copied from read-only storage, depending on the literal; or placed in
-writable storage, when of static storage duration).</li>
+<li><code>const</code>-qualified compound literals could share storage
+with each other and with string literals, but currently don't.</li>
 <li>The constraints on where structures with flexible array members
 may be used (that they, and unions containing them (possibly

Joseph S. Myers

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