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Re: New Spanish PO file for `gcc'

> I'd presumed they'd update their in-progress work with a new .pot if one
> comes out while they're working (rather than continuing to translate
> messages that are no longer in GCC).

I don't know other people's habits, of course, but when I'm
translating a catalog, and a new template becomes available, I just
ignore it. Merging a template is too much of a speed bump, so I
personally avoid it as much as I can.

> I think having them on gcc-patches is useful - but given that one such
> notice <URL:> was
> sent without the message with the .po file actually appearing, I suspect
> that one must have been over the 400k limit, and compression would make
> them more useful by making more of the actually reach gcc-patches.

Ok, I'll activate compression for gcc; changing the robot will take
some time, though.

> Wouldn't the feature freeze on the 15th be a good date?  

In the end, you, as the maintainer, decide when to submit catalogs. As
this is a manual process, we'd like to get a notification to Distributing the catalog at feature
freeze sounds reasonable. We'll need to know what the .tar.gz is of
the snapshot is, since translators often ask for the exact source that
was used to create the template.

> It isn't for me to approve the addition of these translations to CVS.  My
> understanding is that properly working translation requires a lot of
> Zack's changes that are on the mainline only, not the 3.0 branch, and so
> these translations should go on the mainline only (with the aim of making
> 3.1 the first release properly supporting translation).

I see. This is somewhat unfortunate (since translators are always
eager to see their work in use), but apparently unavoidable. So we'll
have to accept that only gcc 3.1 will be ready for translated

> Ask the i18n maintainer (Philipp Thomas).

I did before posting my first message, and he agrees, so I guess it is
fine then that I add these files to the CVS.

> Note that diffs between minor releases where translations are added
> or changes made to them are completely untested - the release script
> uses diff -a so that diffs between the .gmo files may work, but
> until we try this we won't know whether this causes problems for too
> many versions of patch, and 3.1.1 might be a better time for testing
> this than 3.0.3.



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