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Re: auto-sync of top-level 'include' & 'config' directories?

> For config/, the src MAINTAINERS says tersely:
> 	Ask.

Well, the libiberty entry (libiberty is the only auto-merge one) has a
longer explanation :-)

> Since you're top in the commit list, I assume this means:
>         Ask

It's a good starting point.  For platform-specific files, the platform
maintainer is probably a good start too.

> I've tried to get patches. MAINTAINERS says "Please do not make
> ChangeLog entries", but since you said gathering info from them was
> useful in your previous email, I tried to get those just in case.

"cvs log" will give you a detailed list of what changes were made to
specific files.  I never said it would be easy.  Fortunately, we don't
need the patches for MAINTAINERS since they're not currently syncable.

> I assume it's better to put it in config/ChangeLog and remove it from
> top level ChangeLog. I noticed changes made to config/* files in 1999
> also documented in the toplevel ChangeLog and not in the config one.

The ChangeLogs would need to be kept in sync at some point, too.
Somehow.  A general cleanup of ./ChangeLog vs config/ChangeLog would
be a separate project.

> To DJ for review:

Thanks, I'll apply these.

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