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Re: Threads vs hpux10

In article <>, writes:

>> This e-mail is just to advise you that I think you solved the same
>> problem AIX had (no weak symbols and thus always needing to link
>> against the threading library) with a different solution.  The
>> solution they use with multilibs was to have `gcc -v' report single as
>> the threading model in one multilib configuration and the real thread
>> library in the other.

>> I don't care if they are different (although I personally like the AIX
>> solution better compared to yours for HPUX).  I could send you the
>> exact one-line patch they used, but it would not be till Monday.

> Yea, please do send it.  I'm more than open to better solutions :-)

Hi Jeff,

Here was the patch that I thought was related (the commentary about a
lack of weak symbols on AIX came from my memory of another thread):

However, perhaps I was confused since I now see that
gcc/config/pa/pa-hpux10.h already has the AIX "solution" (installed a
few days later, approved by you around May 15, 2001):

S rittle@latour; find . -type f -exec grep THREAD_MODEL_SPEC /dev/null '{}' \;
./pa/pa-hpux10.h:#undef THREAD_MODEL_SPEC
./pa/pa-hpux10.h:#define THREAD_MODEL_SPEC "%{!threads:single}%{threads:dce}"
./rs6000/aix51.h:#define THREAD_MODEL_SPEC "%{pthread:posix}%{!pthread:single}"
./rs6000/aix43.h:#define THREAD_MODEL_SPEC "%{pthread:posix}%{!pthread:single}"

Perhaps you could explain why gthr-dce.h is being used at all to build
the multilib for single-threaded use on your platform.  I thought that
the whole point of the THREAD_MODEL_SPEC setting as shown above was to
get the right gthr-X.h file in light of multilibing.  There might be a
more general problem that we need to fix (I sure hope not).


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