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Re: HPUX 11 "size_t" fixinc problems

John David Anglin wrote:

> I have run this through complete bootstraps and checks on hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.00
> and hppa2.0w-hp-hpux11.11 with no regressions.
> Dave

> --- inclhack.def.orig   Thu Sep 13 12:05:12 2001
> +++ inclhack.def        Fri Nov 30 15:53:00 2001
> @@ -94,16 +94,6 @@
>  };
> -/*
> - *  Purge some HP-UX 11 files that are only broken after they are "fixed".
> - */
> -fix = {
> -    hackname = AAA_time;
> -    files    = sys/time.h;
> -    select   = '11.0 and later representation of ki time';
> -    replace; /* empty replacement -> no fixing the file */
> -};
> -
>  /* And now, the real fixes, replacement text fixes first: */

Hi Dave,

Excellent.  I applied this to the 3.0 branch before Friday's freeze.
I intend to apply a slightly different one to the main line,
barring complaints.  On the theory that all of the "empty replacement"
fixes are really fixes for the broken fixincludes script, my
_guess_ is that they are not needed any more because my version
doesn't make mistakes.  ;-)

Therefore, it is my intention to remove all the empty replacement
non-fixes and wait to see what problems arise.  (I don't have 
enough of a variety of systems to do it any other way.)  So, I
have also posted this to the GCC list.

SO EVERYONE BE ADVISED:  I am removing the protection many headers
used to have against mis-fixes from fixincludes.  I will put them
back only if the fixincl program cannot be fixed itself.

Um, just to be clear:  mainline only, not 3.0 branch.


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