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Re: [repost] switch() statements on ARM/Thumb

> Since nobody commented on it last time I posted this I assume it's got
> lost in the flood of email...

Well, I've been away from email for the last month...

> This patch [attached as I fear inline patches won't survive] corrects
> code generation on for switch() statements on ARM/thumb when -fpic is
> given. Other cases should not have changed.

> Works against cvs, applies cleanly to 3.0.2, too.

2001-11-22  Adrian von Bidder   <>


ASM_OUTPUT_ADDR_DIFF_ELT is already defined in arm/aout.h and arm/aof.h; 
re-defining in arm.h is wrong, since it is incompatible with support for 
AOF object formats.

CASE_VECTOR_PC_RELATIVE isn't required for ARM; GCC always uses an 
ADDR_DIFF format for PIC.

        * (thumbpic_casesi): new pattern for switch() statements
        (*thumb_subsi3imm_insn, *thumb_mulsi3_power2, *thumb_adr): 
referred by

I'll look at this in more detail later, when I've caught up a bit more.

Do you have an assignment on file?


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