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Re: rfc: limited shared libgcc widgetry

On Sep 26, 2000, Richard Henderson <> wrote:

>   * libtool is not used because it does not (as far as I can tell)
>     handle symbol version scripts, which we want for glibc
>     compatibility.

You can pass whatever scripts you want to the linker using
-Wl,scriptname.  It just isn't portable.

>     Plus, I couldn't make libtool do what I want with a single tree
>     cross compile; perhaps someone else could, but it seems awfully
>     invasive.

What exactly did you want that it couldn't do?

My plan was to create a separate configure tree, that would create a
libtool script and the Makefile that is currently generated by
mklibgcc, but compiling all libgcc sources using libtool.

>     IIRC, not all systems use different extensions for shared
>     and static libraries.

That's right.  This is the case for at least AIX.

>   * Need to come up with a better scheme for describing symbol
>     exports.

It would be nice to have something like this in libtool.  Currently,
all it takes is a regular expression (IIRC) specifying the symbols
that should be exported.  But, on some systems, it affects symbol
exporting for the purposes of linking; on others, it affects the
symbol list available for dlopen; on others, it affects both, and on
other systems it affects neither.  This is one of those things that
just can't be done portably :-(

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