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() in C++ (was Re: [PATCH] C and C++ ICEs)

(C++) 'extern template' patch

(C++) debug optimization patch

(C++) error recovery patch

(C++) fix instantiation of typename types

(C++) infinite template recursion patch

(C++) partial specialization patch

(C++) patch to add count_trees

(C++) patch to store_return_init

(C++) patch to tinfo2.cc

(C++) rethrow patch

(C++) tidying patch

(C++) timevar tweak

(dwarf2 EH) Patch to add DW_CFA_def_cfa_expression

(forw) [PATCH] - gcc/configure.in

-fno-strict-aliasing and decls

-mpcrel and -fPIC and -m68000

-pedantic, string length (was: Re: Changes to gcc.c (display_help))

-Wreturn-tpye pagches

.EXE and .OBJ depend on target, not host

0530 mcore discards `const

[C++ PATCH] Fix bug 69 - non-ambiguous lookup

[C++ PATCH] new-abi dynamic cast

[C++ PATCH] stop emitting __FUNCTION__

[c++ patch] use VOID_TYPE_P

[C++ patch]: Fix bug 10

[C++ PATCH]: fix bug 143

[C++ PATCH]: fix bug 262 ICE

[C++ PATCH]: Fix bug 63 - varargs in templates


[cpplib] implement pragma dependancy

[cpplib]: Implement #pragma GCC whatever

Re: [exception patch]: Throw bad alloc

[EXPERIMENTAL PATCH] Replace __eprintf with __assert

[PATCH - refresh] - print_rtx() robustness

[PATCH] (was Re: i386 alignment tweaks...)

[PATCH] (was Re: i386 alignment tweaks...) take 2

[PATCH] - Detect Bison version skew

[PATCH] - Fix ancient typo in i386-interix.h

Re: [PATCH] - gcc/configure.in

[PATCH] - Interix typos

[PATCH] Add OpenBSD-m88k support

[patch] Aligned attribute incorrectly applied to a type.

[PATCH] argv needs to be writable

[PATCH] Avoid sig11 in dbxout

[patch] avr-gcc -mtiny-stack and other changes

[PATCH] Bulletproofing -fsyntax-only, round 2 (extra armour plate)

Re: [PATCH] Bulletproofing -fsyntax-only, round 2 (extra armourplate)

[PATCH] C and C++ ICEs

[Patch] C specific tree nodes

[PATCH] C++ fix for char/wchar array initialized with string

[PATCH] C++ ice with overloaded functions

[PATCH] C++ patch to build the Java runtime with ENABLE_TREE_CHECKING.

Re: [PATCH] C++ patch to build the Java runtime withENABLE_TREE_CHECKING.

[PATCH] C++: Fix three mangling bugs

[PATCH] cpplib sig11 fix

[PATCH] DFS fix.

[PATCH] Don't abort in C++ emit_local_var

[PATCH] dwarf2out.c breakage on ss2000-06-26

[PATCH] Fix #line generation in cpp

[PATCH] Fix #line generation in cpp (take 2)

[PATCH] Fix #pragma interface C++ breakage

[PATCH] Fix breakage caused by recent c_get_alias_set rewrite

[PATCH] Fix cpp include file handling

[PATCH] Fix DECL_VTT_PARM breakage

[PATCH] Fix i386 -fPIC C++ ICE

[PATCH] Fix i386 C++ ICE

Re: [PATCH] Fix sibcall related failure

[PATCH] Fix sibcall related failure in g++.old-deja/g++.other/eh1.C

[PATCH] Fix sibcall related failure in g++.old-deja/g++.other/eh1.C (take 2)

Re: [PATCH] Fix sibcall related failure ing++.old-deja/g++.other/eh1.C

[PATCH] Fix sig11 on alpha-*-linux


[patch] fixinc's "make check"

[patch] fixinc/inclhack.def

[PATCH] fixincl shuts down the server process too often

[patch] gcc/config/arm.[ch]: Fix comment typos.

[patch] gcc/config/h8300/h8300.md

[patch] gcc/config/h8300/lib1funcs.asm

[PATCH] Java: emitting correct vtable size information.


[PATCH] Java: fix for PR #224

[PATCH] Java: fix for the PR gcj/127.

[PATCH] Java: fix for the PR gcj/207.

[PATCH] Java: fix to PR #177.

[PATCH] Java: fix to the PR gcj/129.

[PATCH] Java: loop variable fix.

[PATCH] Java: minor field lookup patch.

[PATCH] Java: minor patch.

[PATCH] Java: warning fix.

[patch] lcm,gcse changes for nearly full flow graphs

[PATCH] make printf spec match cast

[PATCH] Make win32 compiler built with cygwin be running in plain Win32 environment

[PATCH] mark g77.f-torture/execute/20000503-1 as XFAIL

[patch] new dominance calculator

[PATCH] NLS back to working order.

[PATCH] Optimization for walk_tree

[PATCH] Re: [testsuite] i386 sibcall miscompilation

[PATCH] Re: gcc ICE on alpha with "-O2 -mieee"

[PATCH] Relax tail calls on SPARC if as/ld support it, unless -mno-relax

[Patch] Separation of code to generate RTL in C++

[PATCH] SPARC long long fix

[PATCH] strength-reduction segfault

Re: [PATCH] template template parm fixes (1/3)

[PATCH] Un-important typos ...

[Patch] Use included libintl by default.

Re: [PATCH] VAX Ultrix bootstrap failure

[Patch]: Fix pb in delete_output_reload

[Patch]: Fix pb in libcall_dead_p

[PATCH]: malloc (0) during throw etc

[PATCH]Add gnat demangler

[PATCH]Make Java a demangler style

Re: [postmaster@sourceware] indirected link to faq from/gcc-2.95/features.html

[rth@cygnus.com: Re: gcc ICE on alpha with "-O2 -mieee"]

[testcase] Crash due to unpaired EH_REGION notes

[testsuite] Another i386 reload ICE

[testsuite] C++ i386 ICE

[testsuite] gcc 2.96 breaks x86 C ABI

[testsuite] i386 reload ICE

[testsuite] i386 sibcall miscompilation

[testsuite] Inline-on-trees problem

[testsuite] loop failure

Add -mno-library-call to ia32

Add missing argument to set_mem_attributes call in function.c

Add missing clear() method to bastring.h in 2.96.x

Add some XFAILs

ADV: Search Engine Registration

Re: aggregate aliasing losage

AIX pthread and reg_or_arith_cint_operand predicate

Re: aix4.3 bootstrap fails with snapshot 20000612

alias patch

Alias tweaks

Re: Aliasing patches

Aliasing safety patch

alpha testsuite fixes

AM_GNU_GETTEXT in aclocal.m4 changed

Re: Another case for g77 test suite

another libgcc makeury patch

Another paraallel build patch for libf2c

arm_reload_in_hi fix

avr port: asm section attributes

bad integer division library call on sh-elf target

Bit-rot fixes in gcc.misc-tests

Re: Bootstrap failing on sparc-sun-solaris2.6

Re: bootstrap fails: msgfmt: Not found

Buglet in gcse.c

bulk ia64 patch

c++ 2.96 patch lookup_template_class push_decl_namespace

c++ lang_decode_option

C++ PATCH: ASMs and function-at-a-time

C++ PATCH: demangling API entry point

C++ PATCH: Emit secondary vtables w/correct class

C++ PATCH: fix demangling of construction vtable names

C++ PATCH: fix mangling and demangling bugs

C++ PATCH: Fix specialization bug

C++ PATCH: Fix static data member error messages

C++ PATCH: Fix use of DECL_LANG_FLAG_7

C++ PATCH: Fix warning regression

C++ PATCH: Guard variables under the new ABI

C++ PATCH: Minor tweaks to genrtl_{begin,finish}_stmt_expr

C++ PATCH: More specialization stuff

C++ PATCH: New ABI mangling

C++ PATCH: New ABI thunks

C++ PATCH: New ABI vcall offset entries

C++ PATCH: Non-type template arguments of reference type

C++ PATCH: Remove old ABI mangling

C++ PATCH: Secondary vptrs in VTTs

C++ PATCH: Template specialization bug

C++ PATCH: Tweak primary base selection


C++ vs. aliasing

c++/331: Re: curried template arg bug

C++: Don't assume that C enums are signed

Re: C++: Fix three mangling bugs

C++: ignore -Wstrict-prototypes, not -Wno-strict-prototypes

Re: C++: warn about implicit declarations of built-in functions

c-torture/compile/961203-1.c no longer fails

C99 pedantry patch

Changes to gcc.c (display_help)

A chill driver installation fix


class_cannot_change_size vs reload inheritence

Re: collect2: ld terminated with signal 10 [Bus error]

COND_EXPR folding patch

Re: config.guess and Linux/GNU

config.guess/config.sub synched.

configure --enable-checking=foo,bar buglet - patch installed

Configuring out obstacks

couple of fixes for cp-demangle.c

cp-demangle.c & dyn-string.c NULL patch

cp-demangle.c bootstrap failure + PATCH

cp/method.c doesn't need hard-reg-set.h

cpplib: spurious warning fix


Delete obsolete prototype for round_down in function.c

A dependency patch

Digraphs test cases

DJGPP config patch [June edition]

Re: DJGPP patch for float_format

doc patch for memory clobbers in ASM

document that web page changes don't require ChangeLog entries

Don't assume runtest is executable in the source tree

dwarf2out.c patch for signed 64-bit enum values on 64-bit host

dwarf2out.c/tree.c patches for IA-64 debug info problems

Re: egcs-20000530, Next 3.3; Bad generated insn-emit.c

ENABLE_CHECKING fix for dbxout.c

Evaluation order of &&s in ||, in macro INDEX_TERM_P, in vax.h

F77: remove .j files

Re: A few small fixes for gcc 2.96 for MIPS/Linux

Fix bug 136 - output language constants

Fix for "" vs <> inclusion bug

Fix for 'Too many open files' errors

Fix for i686-pc-cygwin bootstrap failure

fix for Jacks test: ambiguous reference

fix for spec %v3

Fix some warnings

Fix to my lenagth_attribute patch

fix to tree checking problem in put_var_into_stack

Re: Fixproto fix

Flow auto-inc calculations after reload

flow.c:mark_set_regs fix checked in

Fortran needs to use INTLLIBS

Re: Fortran sizetype fix

Fortran testsuite addition - PR fortran/363

FreeBSD configure patch review wanted

function-at-a-time processing in C

Re: gcc 2.95.2 bug: complex numbers and conditional op's don't mix

gcc 2.96: g++ cross-compiler uses ${prefix}/include

gcc 2.96: g++ driver installation -- a proposal

gcc 2.96: limits.h gets built incorrectly for linux-gnu targets

Re: gcc 2.96: System headers get fixed inadvertently for i386-linux-gnu

gcc 2.96: System headers get fixed inadvertently for i386-linux-gnu

Re: GCC build failed with your patch.

gcc-current "make clean" fails for fixincl when make != GNU make

GCOV/profile 64bit patch.

GFLOAT defines for float-vax.h

Glitch in gcc.dg/20000623-1.c

GNU ld works on Solaris/x86

Help strings for vax options.

host != build cross bugfix

Re: i386 alignment tweaks...

i386 length attribute cleanups

i386 MMX/SSE support part 1: adding the registers

i386.md fix

Re: i386.md: fp_jcc_3 and TARGET_CMOVE

Re: i960 branch prediction

IA-64 change for glibc 2.2

IA-64 function epilogue unwind support

IA-64 gcc unwind/EH patch, and shared library bug fix

IA-64 patch for glibc 2.2 build failure


Re: IA-64 Patch: Make flag_unwind_tables default ON

IA-64 XFmode register allocation bug fix

ia64 eh fix

ia64 fr register reunification

ia64 insn group tweek

ia64 unordered fp comparisons

ia64 varargs vs ssa

ia64.md typo bug fix

Implicit declaration warnings for builtins

incorrect title on timeline.html

Re: Intel Pentium shift op patch

intl-compat.c bootstrap failure

Re: Java compiler no longer works since 2000-06-13

Java subdir needs to use INTLLIBS

Java: Fix PRs 234, 238, and 255

K&R nit in c-common.c, patch installed


libgcc makeury patch

Re: libiberty patch - configure/makefile for cygwin

libintl vs. ISO (and non-gcc) C compilers

libstdc++/sstream oddity

Mark descriptions for target options for translation.

Mark option/switch description for translation

Matz's gcse and dominators patches

Message catalog renamed from en_UK.po to en_GB.po

Minor test suite tweaks

MIPS gcc `leasi' pattern vs. binutils 'la' pseudo-op.

Re: mips.c machine_dependent_reorg fix

Re: Missing declaration causes ICE or segmentation fault

Missing prototype for ldexp in real.h

Monthly update of search.html (boring, committed)

More alias fiddling

More c99status.html updates

More test-suite rearrangement

Move almost everything out of c-torture/special

New gcc testsuite case

New testcase to gcc/testsuite

New testsuite area for preprocessor tests

Next round aclocal.m4 patches commited

NLS patches delayed

NLS patches for Chill, Java and Fortran

NLS related patches

NLS updates and a note to Maintainers

Re: NLS vs. rtl.c

ObjC missing GC roots

One more test-suite rearrangement

Re: one-bit alignment (was Re: [PATCH] Fix for the C++ testcase submitted today)

one-bit alignment (was Re: [PATCH] Fix for the C++ testcase submitted today)

Re: one-bit alignment (was Re: [PATCH] Fix for the C++testcase submitted today)

P.S. to arm_reload_in_hi fix

A pair of more or less obvious --enable-checking fixes


Patch for "make check" with libstdc++ v3.

patch for a type

Patch for gcc.dg/compare2.c "case 10"

A patch for gcc/intl parallel build

patch for HI-UX/WE2 on Hitachi 3050RX

Re: patch for MIPS profiling in mips.h

Patch for pa.h

Patch for PR gcj/268

PATCH FOR Re: Building libstdc++ on Alpha

Re: patch for Re: Inappropriate Warning Cannot Be Turned Off

Patch for scan-types.sh, Aix4 grep: max line length exceeded

A patch for typo in gengenrtl.c

Patch installed to configure.in to handle IN_GCC for auto-build.h

Patch installed to libiberty to turn on -pedantic


Patch mn10300.md eliminate genrecog warnings.

Patch to cp-demangle.c for K&R compilers

Patch to cppfiles.c, check for bogusly low values for SSIZE_MAX

Patch to dwarf2out.c

Patch to expand_return

Patch to fix combine REG_NONNEG note distribution

patch to fix host_makefile_frag problem in configure.in

Patch to fix loop REG_NONNEG note generation

Patch to fixinc/inclhack.def *_quotes_def select pattern too strict

Patch to gccmission.html

PATCH to move diagnostic formatting options into language independent module

PATCH to newcvsroot

Patch to remove i386 *dbra_ge

Patch to set_mem_attributes

Patch to store_expr

Patch to tweak timevar handling

Re: Patch to use --enable-checking=misc,tree,gc by default

PATCH: 64-bit cleanup (resend)

PATCH: announce.html, javaannounce.html, news.html

PATCH: cast argument to isdigit/isalnum

PATCH: Combine C/C++ RIDs

Patch: correctly detect failure to implement abstract method

PATCH: cvswrite.html

PATCH: cvswrite.html and (non-free) SSH

Re: PATCH: define NULL as 0 instead of (void *)0 for non-GNU C++ parsers


Patch: Don't clear memory returned by ggc_alloc

PATCH: extensions.html update for bounds checking patches

PATCH: extensions.html, zweiter Versuch

Fw: PATCH: Fix c-common's use of c-tree.h

Patch: fix for gcj PR 164

Patch: fix for Mauve build failure

PATCH: fix m68k-unknown-openbsd

PATCH: g++ testsuite

PATCH: gcc/intl changes for 20000604 ss for sco v5

Patch: gcj -vs- JServ

Patch: honoring non-zero exit codes from the intl subdir

PATCH: index.html -- mention front-ends, simplify

PATCH: index.html and availability

PATCH: index.html and releases

patch: inline asm functionality: which_alternative %% command

PATCH: install/build.html (was: if-conversion a performance bottleneck)

Patch: java lexer -vs- line termination

PATCH: libio vs. mangling

PATCH: lists.html

PATCH: Mangle Java types

PATCH: new ABI C++ demangling

PATCH: New snapshots page at snapshots.html

PATCH: new testcase to catch macro/symbol name conflicts

Re: Patch: PR gcj/260

PATCH: Re: PATCH: g++ testsuite

PATCH: releases.html (new file)

PATCH: remove dyn-string from gcc

PATCH: rotate news items from index.html -> news.html

PATCH: snapshots.html

PATCH: to allow libstdc++ v2 or v3 to be checked in build tree.

Patches to add machine dependent tweaks to ifcvt

Path to move EDGE_COMPLEX definition

PLEASE APPLY: gcc-current "make clean" fails for fixincl

po updates

portability fix for configure.in

POTFILES.in updated

Prefer LIB1ASMFUNCS over LIB2FUNCS when generating libgcc.a

problem compiling libf2c/libI77 library on c4x

Problem in arm.md...

Re: Qualified friends


Repair libf2c/libI77/rdfmt.c when sizeof(char) == sizeof(short).

Revised patch for C++ additions to libgcc

RFA: command line switches for QED series of MIPS processors.

Re: RFA: commit C++ testcase for final.c:final_scan_insn: Delete notes... insns. +testcase.

RFA: commit C++ testcase for final.c:final_scan_insn: Delete notes...insns. +testcase.

Re: RFA: cygwin-specific patch for collect2 and cygwin-specs

RFA: final.c:final_scan_insn: Delete notes when reinserting test insns. +testcase.

Re: RFA: final.c:final_scan_insn: Delete notes when reinsertingtest insns. +testcase.

RFC: No recursion into language subdirectories

RFC: Patch to libgcc2.h

rs6000.c cleanup

sched1 vs reload in the gp knockout match of the century


Re: sh-elf target patch

Re: simplify-rtx.c SIGN_EXTEND conflicts with rtl.def SIGN_EXTEND (+fix)

small arm.md:untyped_call fix

Some new cpp tests and some adjustments to older ones

some tweaks for contrib/test_summary

sparc.c short branch bug

stupid.c in gcc.texi

SUBREG patch for ssa.c

Suppress handling dead code via conditional execution on special machines

System headers are fixed deliberately for i?86-linux-gnu

Teach mklibgcc about C++'s additions

Temporary hack patch to c-decl.c

Test case for PR fortran/329

Re: Test for invalid optimization of ?: lvalue expression

test harness corrections

Testsuite cleanup: remove Makefile.in/configure.in

thanks.html broken

There is no such thing as host-libintl.a

A thread patch for libobjc


Trivial doc fix - g++ is not a "script".

Re: trivial patch to collect2

Tweak for gcc.dg/cpp/20000628-1.c

Re: typo in egcs-1.0/buildstat.html

Unofficial Patch file for 1 May to 30 May 2000 now available

Unreviewed DJGPP patches

unreviewed patch: varasm.c/explow.c

Update to c9xstatus.html

Updated patch: Prefer LIB1ASMFUNCS over LIB2FUNCS when generating libgcc.a

Re: updating config.sub/config.guess


Re: VAX Ultrix bootstrap failure with gcc-2.96

Vector operation support, part 1

Vector support part 2: Conversions

Vector support part 3: type node creation; debugging

VOID_TYPE_P & error_mark_node

VOID_TYPE_P and error_mark_node

warning fixes installed

warning message misspelling for inapplicable options

Warning nits installed (exposed by enable-checking)

warning patch

Warning patch for fp-bit.c

Re: warning: trigraph ... ignored

web page patch

which_alternative asm patch, patch it please!

Windows registry

Re: xgcc: installation problem, cannot exec `../stage1/collect2': Arg list too long

Your last change to c-common.c looks wrong

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