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Re: f2c configure fix

 > From: Jeffrey A Law <>
 >   In message <>you write:
 >   >     The following solves the problem I saw.  Since your build
 >   > didn't find something it was looking for in the object directory, this
 >   > might not solve your issue.  But let me know either way.
 > Adding -I$r/gcc might be all we need in addition to your change.
 > I *knew* we fought this problem in one of the other runtimes, it just
 > took a little hunting to find it :-) For libobjc, we have to find
 > gcc/Makefile so that we can figure out what thread model is in use.  And
 > gee whiz, there's a nice variable we can use to get to the toplevel
 > object directory.  $r
 > OK.  libf2c just configured & built successfully for me on irix6.5
 > when building outside the source directory.  My extra_includes line
 > looks like:
 > extra_includes="-I$topsrcdir/gcc/f -I$topsrcdir/gcc
 > 	-I$topsrcdir/include -I$topsrcdir/gcc/config -I$r/gcc"
 > [ It's approaching 4am, I'll leave it to you to DTRT and -I$r/gcc to
 >   libf2c/, and rebuild libf2c/configure.  Consider it
 >   pre-approved. ]
 > Sleep.....
 > jeff


Kaveh R. Ghazi			Engagement Manager / Project Services		Qwest Internet Solutions

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