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Re: f2c configure fix

  In message <>you write:
  > Is this problem with configure related to the one that involves the
  > wrong libiberty.h (?) being picked up?  Someone submitted a patch for
  > that which I thought was going to be committed but doesn't seem to
  > have been.  It added a new -I location for the relevant header files,
  > which have moved on us at some stage.  On some systems it fails
  > because the header isn't found; on others it picks up the wrong stuff
  > installed by some other package.  There didn't seem to be a decent way
  > of preventing this happening again once it's fixed :-(.  I don't know
  > off-hand why configure doesn't fail -- I'd have thought it should.
Yes.  This is the same problem.  And I happened to run into it again today
on another platform.

It looks like we deadlocked waiting on someone else to install the fixes.  So
I'm going to exercise some executive authority and break the deadlock. :-)

  > Anyone have better ideas for extracting the relevant info?  (This was
  > more foolproof when the f/ directory looked after the runtime.)
What precisely are the issues.

Other runtimes don't have to play these kinds of silly games to the best of
my knowledge (ok, ignoring libobjc for the moment).  What problems is all
this hair trying to resolve?


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