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Re: [patch] Re: Error whilst compiling egcs-core-19990314.tar.gz

On Thu, 18 Mar 1999 00:44:57 -0700, you wrote:

>This is fine for now.  I'm not particularly happy with the overall scheme for
>the intl code in our make subsystem.  But I think fixing it ought to be part
>of the post-1.2 revamp.

Yea, although my opinion on when it should appear differs :)
But seriously, I think the intl subdir should ultimately move out of
gcc into the main dir and include all the stuff that's 'genericly'
ours, i.e. all compilers and libs.

I'd be quite willing to try my luck on that job as it wouldn't require
to first get a grasp on gcc's internals.

But a first start should be to set up things with the translation
robot for GNU projects to get the handling of translations (and of
cause the translations themselves :) started. If it's ok with you I'll
get things rolling. The only question remaining is who would/should be

responsible for maintaining the translations ?

I ask because the normal process is that the maintainer sends new
message catalogs to the translation robot, which in turn notifies the
translation teams. The finished translations are then sent to the
translation robot and from there to the maintainer for integration.

I have some more question on the i18n stuff, but will send them in a
separate mail.


---  caffeine low - brain halted

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