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Re: cpplib initialization overhaul, revised [patch]

This patch is OK. Go ahead and commit it.


Zack Weinberg wrote:

> As requested, here is a revised version of the cpplib initialization
> overhaul.  The main difference is that the changelog has been
> clarified.  I also added an important bugfix for deps_output.
> zw
> 1999-03-10 09:39 -0500  Zack Weinberg  <>
>         * cppinit.c: Instead of one pending list, keep separate lists
>         for each category of pending option: -D/-U, -A, -include,
>         -imacros.  Move the four partial include-path lists into the
>         pending block.  Use head and tail pointers so we don't ever
>         have to reverse the lists.
>         (cpp_start_read): Break out blocks of code to their own
>         functions: install_predefs and initialize_dependency_output.
>         Use path_include for C_INCLUDE_PATH and friends as well as
>         CPATH.  Remove include_defaults gunk.  Warn about the
>         combination of -lang-chill and -trigraphs.  Optimize string
>         bashing.  Walk each pending list once, deallocating as we go.
>         (append_include_chain): Brought over from cppfiles.c.  Mark
>         dirs as system include dirs if and only if appending to
>         system include path. If opts->verbose, print a notice when a
>         dir is dropped from the include path because it doesn't
>         exist.  Fix memory leak: this function is not supposed to copy
>         its DIR argument.
>         (nreverse_pending, push_pending): Removed.
>         (APPEND): New macro for adding to pending lists.
>         (path_include): Can now add to any partial include path.
>         (base_name): Bring over from cccp.c.
>         (cpp_options_init): Allocate the pending block.
>         (cpp_handle_option): Add --version.  Exit after --help.  Fix
>         formatting.  Order -ifoo options by frequency of usage.
>         (install_predefs): New function, simplified version of code
>         that was in cpp_start_read.
>         (initialize_dependency_output): Likewise.  Understand OBJECT_SUFFIX.
>         * cppfiles.c (simplify_pathname): Export.
>         (merge_include_chains):  Don't nreverse the lists.  If
>         opts->verbose, print a notice when a duplicate dir is detected
>         and dropped from the include path.
>         (finclude): Fix excessive cleverness in setting
>         fp->system_header_p.
>         (actual_directory): Set x->sysp from
>         CPP_BUFFER (pfile)->system_header_p so that one system header
>         may include another with "".
>         (deps_output): Fix double adjustment of deps_size which would
>         cause all dependencies after the first two lines to be lost.
>         * cpplib.c (cpp_unassert): New function.
>         * cpplib.h: Lay out struct cpp_pending here.  Adjust
>         prototypes.  Add include_prefix_len to struct cpp_options.

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