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Re: A Linux/libc 5 patch for egcs 1.1.2

  In message <>you write:
  > Thanks. Here is the new patch.
  > H.J.
  > ---
  > Thu Feb 25 12:17:52 1998  H.J. Lu  (
  > 	* config/ (MT_CFLAGS): Add -D_G_STDIO_USES_LIBIO
  > 	* genops.c: Add the proper weak alias if _G_STDIO_USES_LIBIO
  > 	and _G_HAVE_WEAK_SYMBOL are defined.
  > 	* iofclose.c: Likewise.
  > 	* iofeof.c: Likewise.
  > 	* ioferror.c: Likewise.
  > 	* iogetc.c: Likewise.
  > 	* ioputc.c: Likewise.
  > 	* iovsprintf.c: Likewise.
  > 	* iovsscanf.c: Likewise.
So, why do we not make weak aliases for the following files/symbols:

iofdopen.c:weak_alias (_IO_fdopen, fdopen)
iofflush.c:weak_alias (_IO_fflush, fflush)
iofgetpos.c:weak_alias (_IO_fgetpos, fgetpos)
iofgets.c:weak_alias (_IO_fgets, fgets)
iofopen.c:weak_alias (_IO_fopen, fopen)
iofputs.c:weak_alias (_IO_fputs, fputs)
iofread.c:weak_alias (_IO_fread, fread)
iofsetpos.c:weak_alias (_IO_fsetpos, fsetpos)
ioftell.c:weak_alias (_IO_ftell, ftell)
iofwrite.c:weak_alias (_IO_fwrite, fwrite)
iogetdelim.c:weak_alias (_IO_getdelim, __getdelim)
iogetdelim.c:weak_alias (_IO_getdelim, getdelim)
iogets.c:weak_alias (_IO_gets, gets)
ioputs.c:weak_alias (_IO_puts, puts)
iosetbuffer.c:weak_alias (_IO_setbuffer, setbuffer)
iosetvbuf.c:weak_alias (_IO_setvbuf, setvbuf)
ioungetc.c:weak_alias (_IO_ungetc, ungetc)

I want to get this issue resolved once and for all; I don't want to have to
go through this process again in a few months.


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