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Re: cvs commit: ports/lang/egcs Makefile ports/lang/egcs/files

On Mar  1, 1999, Gerald Pfeifer <> wrote:

> /files/pfeifer/OBJ-0103-21:02/gcc/xgcc
> -B/files/pfeifer/OBJ-0103-21:02/gcc/
> -B/sw/swtest/egcs/FreeBSD/i386-unknown-freebsd2.2.6/bin/ -g -O2
> -fno-implicit-templates -Wl,-soname,`echo 2.9.0 | sed
> 's/\([0-9][.][0-9]\).*/\1/'` -shared -o `cat piclist`
> -lm
> ld: No such file or directory
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

> The problem appears to be this patch, as the others already seemed to be
> present in the current CVS repository:

Maybe not.  It looks very much like a strange collect2 problem I've
been observing while maintaining libtool.  It seems that collect2
will insert an object file before any object or library name that
appears in the command line, even if the library name immediately
follows an -soname or -h switch.  You may verify this by adding the
switches `-v -Wl,-v' to that link command.  The solution I've adopted
for libtool was to move any -soname-like switches to the end of the
command line.  Maybe we should do the same for libstdc++...

> --- libstdc++/ Thu Feb 18 11:40:03 1999
> +++ libstdc++/      Thu Feb 18 11:44:01 1999
> +    *-*-freebsd*)      frags="${frags}" ;;

Alexandre Oliva aoliva@{,}
Instituto de Computação, Universidade Estadual de Campinas, SP, Brasil

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