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Re: Patch to fix -fsyntax-only

>> Java people -- I take it you have a specifical functional need
>> for -fsyntax-only working properly, and probably make use of
>> areas of the front end that g77 doesn't.
>Yes - when compiling Java source to bytecode, the gcj front-end
>passes the flags -fsyntax-only -femit-class-files to jc1.
>So, from our point of view, -fsyntax-only should suppress any
>generation or RTL or assembly code, but not suppress generation
>of tree nodes, error checking, or semantic analysis.

Do you have a *functional* need to suppress generation of the RTL

Reason I ask is, currently, RTL *is* generated, unless you do all
your code generation exclusively via expand_expr_stmt (meaning you
don't call expand_jump, expand_start_cond, etc.).

What -fsyntax-only does inhibit is most or all of the expensive
RTL transformations -- i.e. optimizations.

Please read the longish email I sent Jeff, on this same subject,
a few minutes ago, for more information.

        tq vm, (burley)

P.S. In the meantime, I'm doing further testing on my patch, and
am trying to figure out a strange behavior that might have nothing
to do with it.  But it might, so don't do anything with my patch
just yet!

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