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Re: PATCH to improve use of alias sets

  In message <>you write:
  >     Jeffrey> This basically looks fine.  One question though, can't
  >     Jeffrey> you get the alias set by looking at the passed in target?
  >     Jeffrey> If not, why?  If the data isn't available in the
  >     Jeffrey> passed-in target, maybe we should find out why.
  > I think you missed the point of this comment in the new code:
  >    ALIAS_SET is the alias set for the destination.  This value will
  >    (in general) be different from that for TARGET, since TARGET is a
  >    reference to the containing structure.
  > Perhaps you can suggest clearer wording?  The way store_field works is
  > that TARGET is the address of some enclosing struct, but not the
  > actual field itself.  Thus, the alias set information on TARGET would
  > be bogus.  For example, given:
Ah.  I missed that.  Thanks.

  >     Jeffrey> Would it be wise to assign an alias set for the memory
  >     Jeffrey> returned by assign_stack_local for other cases handled by
  >     Jeffrey> store_field?
  > Perhaps.  But I wanted to do one thing at a time.  

I think you should go ahead and install the patch.


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