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Document -fhonor-std

This option is now eventually documented.


Thu Sep 10 14:48:59 1998  Martin von L÷wis  <>

	* invoke.texi (C++ Dialect Options): Document -fhonor-std.

Index: invoke.texi
RCS file: /egcs/carton/cvsfiles/egcs/gcc/invoke.texi,v
retrieving revision 1.65
diff -u -r1.65 invoke.texi
--- invoke.texi	1998/09/07 15:40:40	1.65
+++ invoke.texi	1998/09/10 12:50:33
@@ -104,7 +104,7 @@
 -fall-virtual  -fdollars-in-identifiers  -felide-constructors
 -fenum-int-equiv  -fexternal-templates  -ffor-scope  
--fno-for-scope  -fhandle-signatures  -fmemoize-lookups  
+-fno-for-scope  -fhandle-signatures -fhonor-std -fmemoize-lookups  
 -fname-mangling-version-@var{n}  -fno-default-inline  
 -fno-gnu-keywords -fnonnull-objects -fguiding-decls
 -foperator-names  -fno-optional-diags -fstrict-prototype  -fthis-is-variable
@@ -1020,6 +1020,13 @@
 abstract types.  The default (@samp{-fno-handle-signatures}) is not to
 recognize them.  @xref{C++ Signatures, Type Abstraction using
+@item -fhonor-std
+Treat the @code{namespace std} as a namespace, instead of ignoring
+it. For compatibility with earlier versions of g++, the compiler will,
+by default, ignore @code{namespace-declarations},
+@code{using-declarations}, @code{using-directives}, and
+@code{namespace-names}, if they involve @code{std}.
 @item -fhuge-objects
 Support virtual function calls for objects that exceed the size

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