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Re: libg++/curses fix for OSR5 committed.

  In message <>you write:

  > > Any chance you could add this to the standard fixincludes script?  This
  > > problem occurs on quite a few systems.
  > >
  > > Bruce, this is something we'll need the new fixinc stuff to do too.
  > Too late, methinks.  This fix has been the new fixinc since forever:
Cool.  You're already a step ahead of us.

  > This is different than the "fixinc.wrap" approach.  That approach is to
  > #define "bool" for the duration of processing the file "curses.h"
  > and then "#include_next" the original.  That approach will *fail* if
  > there are other fixes that need to be applied to "curses.h" because
  > it uses a fixed-contentent wrapper file that would displace any other
  > applied fixes.  This approach merely disables #define-d and typedef-ed
  > remappings of "bool" for __cplusplus compiles.
Yes, wrapping fails for many cases.  It has advantages when we can
make it work though.

Wrapping probably isn't the right thing to do in general.  In fact
I suspect it's the wrong thing to do for the general fixincludes/fixinc
scripts since they are designed to work on many systems and those
systems are the ones most likely to need additional curses.h fixing.


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