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Re: Is fixed

  In message <>you write:
  > That is ridiculous. I provided enough information for anyone who has
  > worked on reg-stack.c to understand what is going on. Here is the
  > comment in reg-stack.c from line 21 to line 82:
"anyone who worked on regstack.c" is where you went desparately wrong.

I do not work on reg-stack.  I suspect most people here do not work on
regstack.  Regardless, you should *NEVER* assume that the people reviewing
your patch have intimate knowledge of the code you are patching.

I've told you this many times in the past, and I've spent the last 9
months trying to show you how to perform bug analysis and write good
patches.  And here we are 9 months later and you still do not provide
critical information needed to review your patches.

If you had provided a proper analysis of the bug, then someone such as
myself with limited knowledge of regstack should be able to *UNDERSTAND* 
the events leading to the problem (so that we know we are fixing the
right problem), the problem itself and how your patch fixes the problem.

At this point I still do not know what the real problem is -- so I do
not know if the bug is really in regstack or is due to a problem elsewhere
in the compiler.

  > BTW, is there a maintainer for reg-stack.c? If there is none, how
  > can I get the fix into it? I am enclosing a new patch. It is more
  > conservative than the previous one.
There is no specific maintainer for regstack.  You will get a patch in
regstack by having someone approve your change.  Anyone with global
write privs can review and approve your change.

Providing the information these folks need to properly review your
patch will greatly enhance the probability that someone will look at
it and take appropriate action.

Please provide a detailed description of the bug, then explain in
detail how your patch fixes the bug.

You might look at a recent patch I sent for an example of how to
provide the necessary information for people to review patches.


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