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Re: New egcs/gcc/testsuite/g77.f-torture/noncompile/980615-0.f

I wrote:

>>       CaLL foo(W)
>>       END
>>       SUBROUTINE foo(W)
>>       yy(I)=A(I)Q(X)
>It might be necessary to add the required "END" at the end :-)
>Otherwise this will keep failing to be compiled, even if the crash  
>will be repaired (I tried this by replacing the conjunction A(I)Q(X)  
>by A(I)*Q(X) [bonus points for a non-fortran type why this is OK]  
>and it produced a non-zero status without the conclusive END)

And Craig replied:

>  The subject line says `noncompile' -- this test is
>  *supposed* to fail to be compiled, but is not supposed
>  to crash.  I already submitted a patch to fix the crash,
>  but no patch should be submitted to cause g77 to compile
>  the code without error.  ;-)


This is a typical example of "you get what you paid for" advice - I  
shouldn't try to make intelligent remarks on the assembled  
egcs[-patches|-bugs] mails that enter my mailbox during the day  
after having been out for 12 hours on the job - without drinking a  
strong beer first.  Ten minutes after I mailed this I saw my  

Sorry [bites the dust].


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