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Re: PATCH to, comments?

Am Thu, 16 Jul 1998 schrieb Jeffrey A Law:
>In message <>you write:
>  > Hi,
>  > 
>  > this patch should fix (not tested yet) two warnings in explow.c, because
>  > the prototypes for gen_save_stack_function and gen_restore_stack_function
>  > don't match. The comment in suggests that these two are not
>  > used/needed anyway and thus it should be possible to remove them in
>  > presence of the HAVE_* macros now.
>  > Is this the correct solution?
>I'll let David comment on the patch itself.


>  > BTW, what's the status of the CONSTANT_P_RTX mods for the rs6000 backend?
>I would recommend against folks spending time on this right now, our
>concentration should be on stabilizing for egcs-1.1, not adding new

Uah, I don't agree!! First I don't think the CONSTANT_P_RTX is an optimization,
I thought it's simply different __builtin_constant handling. If this is not
fixed before 1.1, users will be flooded with the resulting warnings, which
additionally invalidate the whole testsuite! Something _has_ to be done about
this before 1.1!

BTW, I see new testcases are only added to the mainline now. Shouldn't the
testcase deadline moved nearer to the 1.1 release date? Especially for c++


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