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Using __attribute__((target("arm"))) on ARM cross compiler: warning: target attribute is not supported on this machine [-Wattributes]

For reference, I am running a cross compiler for my raspberry pi on my Gentoo
x86_64 system. The compiler is armv6zk-hardfloat-linux-gnueabihf-gcc at version

I have been doing some experimentation with inline assembly, and in the course
of it I ran into
which claims that GCC with ARM supports the attribute target for changing the
type of instruction being generated. When I try to use the attribute, I get the

following warning:
    warning: target attribute is not supported on this machine [-Wattributes]

I am inlining a small program that illustrates the problem.


  int foo(void) { return 0;}

  int main (void)
      return foo();


Compiling with 'armv6zk-hardfloat-linux-gnueabihf-gcc prog.c -o prog' is enough
to generate the warning. Am I missing something obvious, or is the GCC
documentation about ARM wrong? I actually ran into this problem with another
cross-compiler also, for an arm946e-s CPU. Any ideas? Let me know if any more
information is desired, and I will try to provide it.


Gabriel E. Marcano

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