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include-fixed/limits.h does not include_next? (PATH_MAX errors)


I am hitting some PATH_MAX errors in my new gcc 6.1 toolchain.
Comparing my build to an older toolchain, it appears it stems from an
include <limits.h> issue. When building, GCC will pick up
include-fixed/limits.h when including <limits.h>, and on the old
toolchain it would then include_next to pick up libc's limits.h (which
includes PATH_MAX). However, the new toolchain's
include-fixed/limits.h no longer has the include_next line, presumably
meaning I don't pick up any macros from linux/limits.h in libc. This
stems in applications not finding PATH_MAX.

Am I missing something here? I tried some searches on changes to
limits.h but couldn't find anything definitive.

I built a sample app that simply includes <limits.h> and built it with
-E with my old gcc 4.4.6 toolchain and my new 6.1 toolchain. It was
clear that with the old toolchain, it jumps through multiple includes
and eventually resolves PATH_MAX. The new toolchain will stop at the
first include-fixed/limits.h and never ends up resolving PATH_MAX


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