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Re: Re: Errors building mozilla thunderbird 38.7.0 with gcc 6

FWIW, I think it is problematic to #include_next<stdlib.h> in <cstdlib>.
It isn't <cstdlib> that should #include<stdlib.h> (it should be using a plain #include<stdlib.h>). It is <stdlib.h> that should #include_next<stdlib.h> because they have the same name.

The implementation at the moment is proved to cause a relocation problem. There has been nobody willing to solve it yet. 
It is still unconfirmed whether it is a c pre-processor bug or a driver bug, but, AFAIC, if it turns out to be neither, failure to find "stdlib.h" from the C library of the #include_next directive in <cstdlib> will definitely be a libstdc++ bug.

Best regards,

åääïJonathan Wakely <>
åéææï2016-05-05 17:11
æääïDaniel Letai
äéïRe: Errors building mozilla thunderbird 38.7.0 with gcc 6

On 5 May 2016 at 10:08, Jonathan Wakely wrote:
> On 5 May 2016 at 10:03, Daniel Letai wrote:
>> I could be wrong but it appears there are 2 distinct errors - in gcc6 itself
>> (specifically in header files) and in thunderbird (although this version
>> does compile with gcc 4.8.2)
>> Background - rebuilding the thunderbird 38.7.0 rpm (from redhat) using gcc6
>> and binutild 2.26 in RHEL 6.7
>> I'm wandering if this is a result of moving to std-14 as default and thus
>> not a bug, or if there is some issue with stdlib.h/cstdlib ?
> The heaer problem is a bug in the mozilla code, see


> and

And the other problem is probably due to not finding the right
headers, so is the same problem.

If not, then the call to abs(sl) might need to be adjusted to pass an
integer, not a double.

Both of these issues are documented at

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