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Re: WCET and GCC

charfi asma wrote:
> suppose that we know the WCET ( worst case execution time) related to any
> function of our program.
> can we pass this parameter to GCC to take this WCET into acount and never
> exceed it (optimize the execution time of this function in a way that it
> can not exceed WCET parameter).


If the number you have truly is the WCET, by definition your function will
never exceed this. However, without tool support to determine WCET, I know
it's difficult to get this value.

to check current executed time against an estimate of WCET, you need a
measurement of time spent in the current thread (excluding time in
interrupts and doing context switched) - in other words, execution time. If
you are using an RTOS, it may be able to provide this information for you. I
believe that Windows (yes, I know it's not an RTOS) has an API that gives
time spent in a thread - downside is that it has low resolution and high
execution time overhead.

Hope this helps

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