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Re: gcov and autotools - filename issues

Oh ok, my bad, now I've figured out how it should work.

> I had a look at the -o option, but I'm not sure how to use it.  For example,
> this is the only way I can get gcov to run:
>   $ gcov tests/tests.cpp -o tests/tests-tests

You have to run gcov in the same directory as the .cpp file, otherwise it
gives an error message about being unable to find it (even with a path.)  This

  $ cd tests; gcov tests.cpp -o tests-tests

Likewise for other files:

  $ cd tests; gcov blah.cpp -o tests-blah

> I'm also a bit confused about why I should supply a .cpp filename instead of a
> program name.  How does it know which program to run?  If I run "gcov
> string.cpp" how does gcov know that it needs to run some other program with
> certain parameters to actually execute the code in that file?

Now I also realise I'm supposed to run the program normally *first* to
generate the .gcda files, *then* gcov is used to convert them into
human-readable text files with the commands above.

Now it seems to work as advertised :-)


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