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Re: New Frontend

On Tue, 2010-03-16 at 12:14 -0400, Varol Okan wrote:
> Ouch,
> looking on how to get started with writing a front end ( or modifying an 
> existing one I found this snippet :
> -----------
> I agree with you, Tom.  There comes a point where maintaining an example
> front-end to aid developers comes at a greater expense than just helping
> the developers of new front-ends (or improving the documentation).
> ------------
> So here is my question, where can I find documentation about creating a front-
> end which is up-to-date. It seems 
> ( from 2005 ) is a good start though 
> I don't know how valid this 5 year old information is.
> Ditto for
> ( from 2002 )
> My goal for this project would be to modify C++ to allow easier multi-threaded 
> programming, add garbage collection, utilize a runtime environment which 
> should handle scheduling, and thread pools, communications etc. and make all 
> of this as logically suitable as possible. Oh and it should be all integral 
> part of the programming language.
> I know that none of my ideas is new but some one has to put it all together, 
> so why not me.
> So I guess I am asking for advice on how to best go about doing this while 
> avoiding 'old' information, which is widespread throughout the Internet.
> Thanks for the/any advice up front.
> Varol :)
Have you looked at D?


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