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Compiling binutils 2.20.1 and gcc 4.3.4 in combined build tree


I would like to follow the discussion in

I'm trying to compile native GCC 4.3.4 C compiler with binutils 2.20.1
in common build tree. I have try following:

Extract both packages into one directory with --strip-components=1. This
doesn't work, because include and other subdirectories contents overlaps.

Extract binutils and gcc into separate directories and then use
symlink-tree script in gcc directory with first argument specifying
binutils directory. This doesn't work either, because some symlinks
overwrites regular files in GCC directories.

Extract binutils into subdirectory in gcc directory. The subdirectory
name is binutils. Then configure script behaves as in the post mentioned
above - it will use as and ld from the host, other binutils are detected
and will be compiled.

Extract binutils into subdirectory in gcc directory and then symlink gas
and ld from gcc directory using ln -s binutils/gas gas and ln -s
binutils/ld ld. The configure script then detects everything from
binutils as being just compiled. But make is not successful, compilation
of gas dies with a bloat of error messages.

Compile binutils separately and install them. Then extract binutils into
subdirectory in gcc directory as above. As arguments to gcc configure
add also AS={path to compiled as}, AS_FOR_HOST={path to compiled as} and
simillar with ld. This results in ar not found error -
"gcc-4.3.4/host-i686-pc-linux-gnu/binutils/ar: No such file or directory."

I'm able to build binutils separately and then build gcc using them, but
this is not, what I want. I would like to know, if it's possible to
build binutils and gcc in combined build tree and how to do it, because
this native compiler is only "first step". I would like to build cross
compilers later this way.

Thank you in advance

Pavel Bazika

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