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Re: Problems migrating to gcc 4.4.3&eabi - apparently a gcc bug

Am 09.03.2010 20:39, schrieb John (Eljay) Love-Jensen:
Hi Thomas,

Is this a factor...?

Note that the effectiveness of aligned attributes may be limited by inherent
limitations in your linker. On many systems, the linker is only able to
arrange for variables to be aligned up to a certain maximum alignment. (For
some linkers, the maximum supported alignment may be very very small.) If
your linker is only able to align variables up to a maximum of 8 byte
alignment, then specifying aligned(16) in an __attribute__ will still only
provide you with 8 byte alignment. See your linker documentation for further

Do you know if the linker being used supports the alignment your code is
requesting on your platform?


It doesn't have anything to with the linker. The example code I posted shows the bug even before being linked or assembled.

And I'm not searching for help on aligning stuff, I'm searching for help regarding the buggy register allocation for subroutine calls.

Best regards.

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