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Re: surprising precision

On Fri, 2010-03-05 at 11:57 -0500, John S. Fine wrote:
> Steve Teale wrote:
> > Congratulations on a helpful answer.
> Thanks for the compliment.  Despite my knowing much less about GCC than 
> the experts who usually answer here, I think I sometimes have a better 
> insight into what is confusing the OP.  Then I try to provide a helpful 
> answer.  I think I did that this time.
> >  Yours was the first one that did
> > not display the almost conventional GCC guru arrogance.
> But I have to disagree with you there.  The GCC gurus typically 
> answering in this mailing list, including in this thread, do a great 
> job.  I'm very impressed with the accuracy and helpfulness of answers in 
> this mailing list.  I usually learn something.
> I didn't initially answer your post, because I didn't want to dilute the 
> discussion about precision with a lot of meta discussion about GCC 
> gurus.  But now that it is already diluted by other replies, I didn't 
> want to leave the impression that I agree with you about that 
> "arrogance" of the GCC gurus.

OK, so I overstated it, but the remark got some attention, and I do
believe there is substance behind it. It's probably just a cultural

Thanks anyway

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