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Re: What to do with a.out

>>>>> "DSC" == DSC Siltec <> writes:

    DSC>   I've just installed Linux and wanted to write and compile
    DSC> and run a Hello program.

    DSC>   I wrote one okay; ran gcc hello.c ; and got a.out

    DSC>   Question 1: What do I do with a.out ?  I can't view it
    DSC> (MORE), enter it as a directory (NOT A DIRECTORY), or run it
    DSC> by typing its name.  How do I go through the steps of
    DSC> compiling and running a simple hello program?

It is an executable, run it by entering './a.out' in your
shell. (Explanation:

    DSC>   2: Where exactly do I find documentation on the library
    DSC> routines, both the standard GCC ones, and then also the X11R6
    DSC> routines?  I'd like to be able to write simple programs with
    DSC> graphics, and have decided that I'd prefer X to SVGALIB.

Have a look at The libraries are usually not related
to GCC. On a GNU/Linux system you're usually using the GNU C library
(glibc). There are a lot of graphical libraries that make programming
easy: gtk, qt, fltk etc. You may want to take a look at these, you
don't need to program directly with Xlib. There are FAQs,
documentation, tutorials for each of them - just search the web.

Also, most functions are documented as a manual page. You may want to
use a manual browser such as xman and have a look at the System Calls
and Subroutines section.

    DSC>   3.  In order to avoid asking such questions as this in the
    DSC> future, is there a newbie GCC FAQ somewhere?

There is a FAQ at But as your questions are not directly
related to GCC I doubt that you'll find the answers there. Maybe you
should at first consult a Linux HOWTO and FAQ (the
DOS-Win-to-Linux-HOWTO is a good start).


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