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Re: simple c 's printf problem in mandrake8.0

Dear Andrew:

  I download and install gcc3.0.3 from gnu ftp site, by ./configure,
make, make install
they try my hello world in printf, it still not print out if no \n at
the end.  Probably it is caused by shell(some told me)

  I also tried to load libstdc++-v3.0.95 , but have difficult to install
./configure not work  for 3.0.3
  so I went to rpm find to get mdk's libstdc++ and isntall it.

still not work,  

  I already report bug of glibc of gnu, (I am not sure it is a right
place or not).  But if you have more fresh idea to fix it please email

sincere eric,

Andrew Pinski wrote:
> It is not because of the compiler but because of the libc library
> does not flush at the end of the program which I consider a bug.
> But this is OT for this list.
> Thanks,
> Andrew Pinski
> PS MDK8.0 and RedHat7.1's compilers are junk update them to at least 3.0
> On Saturday, December 29, 2001, at 09:48 , eric wrote:
> > Dear gcc programmers:
> >
> >   I use the mandrake8.0, test a simple c program
> > printf("hello world"), it did not print anything, until I add \n at the
> > end of the string.
> > such result never happen in redhat7.1 or debian-progeny1.0.  some of
> > mdk's newbie tell me it is because "our compiler is more stricter than
> > theirs", I wonder whether it is true, especially the program written and
> > compiled by the way of redaht or debian may cause error or any
> > unpredicted result run on mandrke.
> >
> >   are any file I should install so it can print the "hello world"
> > without \n?
> >
> > highly appreciate your tech help
> > sincere eric
> >
> >
> >

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