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configure question for gcc

I have gcc installed into /usr/intel/pkgs/gcc/3.0.2 (for example.)
To help binaries using shared libs find things like libstdc++
automatically, we add, for example, on HPUX 10.20
+b/usr/intel/pkgs/gcc/3.0.2/lib to the "link" clause in the
specs file.  However, I noticed a problem with this approach

While trying to build ruby, ruby was using a link line like:
gcc Wl,+b,/usr/intel/pkgs/ruby/1.6.5 -L. -l(some libs) (some
objects) -o ruby.

However, the ruby binary can't find  chatr reveals
that the built in search path is /usr/intel/pkgs/gcc/3.0.2/lib.

So it seems the +b in the link clause in the specs file is
clobbering what came in on the command line.  This isn't a
problem on, say, linux, where successive -rpath flags
are combined into one path.  It seems gcc only takes +b once,
and doesn't combine the values?

Any ideas on what the best way to configure gcc so that
/usr/intel/pkgs/gcc/3.0.2/lib is automatically added to
the built in search path along with whatever +b arguments
are passed in?  Or would it be best to omit +b/usr/intel..
from the specs file, or change the +b clause to +b:,
which will force the contents of SHLIB_PATH and all '-L'
arguments to be used for the build in search path?

I would like '/usr/intel/pkgs/gcc/3.0.2/lib' to get added
to the search path invisibly.

Thanks for your help,


#include <sig.h>
Robert Nesius       503.712.2181
DPG Engineering Computing SW Applications Team

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