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GDB doesn't like vectors

I've been trying to get gdb to print the contents of a vector, and so far, 
the only way I've found to make this work is to print myvector, which shows 
the members _M_start, and _M_finish.  Printing myvect._M_finish - 
myvect._M_start shows the size of the vector, and print myvect._M_start[0, 
1, 2... n] shows the contents of the vector, one at a time.  This takes an 
awfull lot of typing, so I was wondering, why don't things like print 
myvect.size() and print myvect[0] not work?  When I try these I get errors 
like this:

(gdb) print TreatmentRooms.size()
Cannot resolve method vector<TreatmentRoom *,allocator<TreatmentRoom 
*> >::size to any overloaded instance

Does anyone know how to make this work?  Also, does gdb support any kind of 
scripting or plug ins to aid in debugging?  For instance, it would be 
really nice to be able to have some shorthand for printing the full 
contents of the vector, instead of manually doing all of the manual 
printing to figure out the size of the vector, and then look up each 
element one at a time.

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