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r123575 - in /trunk/gcc/ada: gnatcmd.adb prj-at...

Author: charlet
Date: Fri Apr  6 10:22:40 2007
New Revision: 123575

2007-04-06  Jose Ruiz  <>
	    Vincent Celier  <>

	* gnatcmd.adb (B_Start): Add prefix of binder generated file.
	(Stack_String): Add this String that contains the name of the Stack
	package in the project file.
	(Packages_To_Check_By_Stack): Add this list that contains the packages
	to be checked by gnatstack, which are the naming and the stack packages.
	(Check_Files): If no .ci files were specified for gnatstack we add all
	the .ci files belonging to the projects, including binder generated
	(Non_VMS_Usage): Document that gnatstack accept project file switches.
	(GNATCmd): Update the B_Start variable if we are in a VMS environment.
	Add gnatstack to the list of commands that use project file related
	switches, and get the single attribute Switches from the stack package
	in a project file when calling gnatstack. Parse the -U flag for
	processing files belonging to all projects in the project tree.
	Remove all processing for command Setup

	* prj-attr.adb: Add new package Stack with single attribute Switches

	* (Command_Type): Add command Stack.
	Move to body declarations that are only used in the body: types Item_Id,
	Translation_Type, Item_Ptr, Item and its subtypes.

	* vms_conv.adb: (Initialize): Add data for new command Stack.
	Add declarations moved from the spec: types Item_Id, Translation_Type,
	Item_Ptr, Item and its subtypes.
	(Cargs_Buffer): New table
	(Cargs): New Boolean global variable
	(Process_Buffer): New procedure to create arguments
	(Place): Put character in table Buffer or Cargs_Buffer depending on the
	 value of Cargs.
	(Process_Argument): Set Cargs when processing qualifiers for GNAT
	(VMS_Conversion): Call Process_Buffer for table Buffer and, if it is not
	empty, for table Cargs_Buffer.
	(Initialize): Remove component Setup in Command_List


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