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r120931 - in /trunk/gcc: ChangeLog tree-ssa-str...

Author: dberlin
Date: Thu Jan 18 21:30:38 2007
New Revision: 120931

2007-01-18  Daniel Berlin  <>

	* tree-ssa-structalias.c: Update comments.
	(ptabitmap_obstack): Removed.
	(pta_obstack): New.
	(oldpta_obstack): Ditto.
	(stats): Add a few members.
	(struct variable_info): Remove node, complex, address_taken, and
	indirect_target members. Add oldsolution member.
	(new_var_info): Do not initialize removed members.
	(constraint_expr_type): Remove INCLUDES.
	(constraint_graph): Add size, implicit_preds, rep,
	indirect_cycles, eq_rep, label, direct_nodes, and complex members.
	(FIRST_REF_NODE): New macro.
	(LAST_REF_NODE): Ditto.
	(find): New function.
	(unite): Ditto.
	(dump_constraint): Do not handle INCLUDES.
	(insert_into_complex): Do not insert duplicate constraints.
	(condense_varmap_nodes): Renamed and rewritten into ...
	(merge_node_constraints): This. Also fix bug in handling of
	offseted copy constraints.
	(clear_edges_for_node): No longer need to deal with preds at all,
	or removing associated preds/succs. 
	(merge_graph_nodes): Deal with indirect_cycles.
	Don't deal with predecessors.
	(add_implicit_graph_edge): New function.
	(add_pred_graph_edge): Ditto.
	(add_graph_edge): Don't deal with predecessors.
	(build_constraint_graph): Removed.
	(build_pred_graph): New function.
	(build_succ_graph): Ditto.
	(struct scc_info): Removed in_component. Added roots, dfs, and
	node_mapping. Remove visited_index, unification_queue.
	(scc_visit): Deal with union-find we do now.
	Deal with cycles with REF nodes.
	(collapse_nodes): Renamed and rewritten to ...
	(unify_nodes): This.
	(process_unification_queue): Removed.
	(topo_visit): Cleanup
	(do_da_constraint): Use find.
	(do_sd_constraint): Ditto.
	(do_ds_constraint): Ditto.
	(do_complex_constraint): Ditto.
	(init_scc_info): Update for removed and added members.
	(find_and_collapse_graph_cycles): Renamed and rewritten into ...
	(find_indirect_cycles): This.
	(equivalence_class): New variable.
	(label_visit): New function.
	(perform_variable_substitution): Rewritten.
	(free_var_substitution_info): New function.
	(find_equivalent_node): Ditto.
	(move_complex_constraints): Ditto.
	(eliminate_indirect_cycles): Ditto.
	(solve_graph): Only propagate changed bits.
	Use indirect cycle elimination.
	Use find.
	(tree_id_t): Rename to tree_vi_t, delete id member, add vi member.
	(tree_id_eq): Renamed to ...
	(tree_vi_eq): This. Update for member change
	(insert_id_for_tree): Renamed and rewritten to ...
	(insert_vi_for_tree): This.
	(lookup_id_for_tree): Renamed and rewritten to ...
	(lookup_vi_for_tree): This.
	(get_id_for_tree): Renamed and rewritten to ...
	(get_vi_for_tree): Ditto.
	(get_constraint_exp_from_ssa_var): Update to use get_vi_for_tree.
	(process_constraint): Don't handle INCLUDES.
	Remove special ADDRESSOF case.
	(find_func_aliases): Rewrite to use vi functions instead of id
	(create_function_info_for): Ditto.
	(create_variable_info_for): Ditto.
	(intra_create_variable_infos): Ditto.
	(merge_smts_into): Ditto.
	(find_what_p_points_to): Ditto.
	(init_base_vars): Ditto.
	(init_alias_vars): Ditto.
	(remove_preds_and_fake_succs): New function.
	(dump_sa_points_to_info): Dump new stats.
	(dump_solution_for_var): Use find.
	(set_used_smts): Fix formatting.
	(compute_points_to_sets): Updated for new functions.
	(ipa_pta_execute): Ditto.


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