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Re: bug in template function specialization

> From: Alexandre Oliva <>
> Date: 08 Jun 1998 02:16:00 -0300
> There's no such thing as partial specialization of template
> functions.  You can only overload or fully specialize template
> functions.
> > #include <stdlib.h>
> > template<class T> inline bool isarray () { return false; }
> > template<class T, size_t n> inline bool isarray<T[n]> ()
> > { return true; }

Sorry, I guess I created invalid code when trying to construct a
simple bug report.  However, I still believe there is a problem with
template specialization in egcs.

I have appended a simple program that I think demonstrates the
problem.  When I compile this program with gcc2 (the only other C++
compiler I have access to), I get:

char: 0
char[10]: 1

Yet when I use the latest egcs I just downloaded [gcc version
egcs-2.91.37 19980608 (gcc2 ss-980502 experimental)], I get this

char: 0
char[10]: 0

As far as I can tell from reading Stroustrup, the bug is in egcs
rather than gcc2.


#include <stdio.h>

template<class T>
struct isarray {
  enum {value = 0};

template<class T, size_t n>
struct isarray<T[n]> {
  enum {value = 1};

#define TEST(type) printf ("%s: %d\n", #type, isarray<type>::value);

main ()
  TEST (char);
  TEST (char[10]);

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