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[committed] pa: Update libstdc++-v3 baseline symbols for hppa-linux

[libstdc++,doc] doc/xml/gnu/gpl-3.0.xml: Switch to https.

[libstdc++,doc] doc/xml/manual/policy_data_structures_biblio.xml - goes https

[libstdc++,doc] Switch to https

Re: [PATCH 07/11] PR libstdc++/91906 Fix timed_mutex::try_lock_until on arbitrary clock

[PATCH v2 00/11] timed_mutex, shared_timed_mutex: Add full steady clock support

[PATCH v2 01/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Check return value from timed_mutex::try_lock_until

[PATCH v2 02/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Add timed_mutex::try_lock_until test

[PATCH v2 03/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Also test timed_mutex with steady_clock

[PATCH v2 04/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Also test unique_lock::try_lock_until with steady_clock

[PATCH v2 05/11] PR libstdc++/78237 Add full steady_clock support to timed_mutex

[PATCH v2 06/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Move slow_clock to its own header

[PATCH v2 07/11] PR libstdc++/91906 Fix timed_mutex::try_lock_until on arbitrary clock

[PATCH v2 08/11] libstdc++ testsuite: Also test shared_timed_mutex with steady_clock

[PATCH v2 09/11] libstdc++ shared_mutex: Add full steady_clock support to shared_timed_mutex

[PATCH v2 10/11] libstdc++ timed_mutex: Ensure that try_lock_for waits for long enough

[PATCH v2 11/11] shared_mutex: Fix try_lock_until and try_lock_shared_until on arbitrary clock

[PATCH v4 0/7] std::future::wait_* improvements

[PATCH v4 1/7] libstdc++: Improve async test

[PATCH v4 2/7] libstdc++ futex: Use FUTEX_CLOCK_REALTIME for wait

[PATCH v4 3/7] libstdc++ futex: Support waiting on std::chrono::steady_clock directly

[PATCH v4 4/7] libstdc++ atomic_futex: Use std::chrono::steady_clock as reference clock

[PATCH v4 5/7] libstdc++ futex: Loop when waiting against arbitrary clock

[PATCH v4 6/7] libstdc++ atomic_futex: Avoid rounding errors in std::future::wait_for

[PATCH v4 7/7] libstdc++: Extra async tests, not for merging

[PATCH, libstdc++ docs] Add lines to C++20 status.

[PATCH] Add <span> to <bits/stdc++.h> precompiled header

[PATCH] Add C++20 jthread type to <thread> (2nd attempt)

[PATCH] Add C++20 jthread type to <thread> --text follows this line-<#part type="text/x-patch" filename="/home/remote/trodgers/src/oss/gcc/jt/0001-Add-C-20-jthread-type-to-thread.patch" disposition=attachment description="Le patch"> <#/part> -

[PATCH] Add iterator concepts and range access customization points for C++20

[PATCH] Add makefile target to update HTML files in source tree

[PATCH] Add std::__iterator_category_t

[PATCH] Add std::copy_n debug checks

[PATCH] Add support for C++2a stop_token

[PATCH] Adjust pb_ds extensions to use allocator_traits

[PATCH] Adjust tr1::_Hashtable to work with std::allocator in C++20

[PATCH] Apply C++20 changes to various iterator types

[PATCH] Avoid warnings in <charconv>

[PATCH] Build filesystem library with large file support

[PATCH] Check precondition for std::ssize(const Container&)

[PATCH] Clarify <unknown> constness and state

[PATCH] Define [range.cmp] comparisons for C++20

[PATCH] Define std::uniform_random_bit_generator concept for C++20

[PATCH] Disable tests that aren't valid in parallel mode

[PATCH] Do not declare std::uses_allocator before C++11

Re: [PATCH] Fix algo constexpr tests in Debug mode

[PATCH] Fix handling of arrays in range access customization points

[PATCH] Fix non-reserved names in Parallel Mode headers

[PATCH] Fix some missing/incorrect feature test macros

Re: [PATCH] Help compiler detect invalid code

[PATCH] Implement <concepts> header for C++20

Re: [PATCH] Implement C++20 P1023 for __debug::array

[PATCH] Implement std::advance for istreambuf_iterator using pubseekoff

Re: [PATCH] Improve _Safe_iterator _M_distance_to

[PATCH] Improve tests for std::add_pointer

[PATCH] Make some new algorithms work in parallel mode

[PATCH] Make some parallel mode algorithms usable in constexpr contexts

[PATCH] Make std::invoke usable in constant expressions

[PATCH] Minor improvements to testsuite iterator utilities

[PATCH] ostreambuf_iterator std::advance overload

[PATCH] Partial implementation of C++20 of <ranges> header

[PATCH] PR c++/91369 Implement P0784R7 changes to allocation and construction

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/78552 only construct std::locale for C locale once

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/91057 set locale::id::_M_index atomically

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/92059 fix several bugs in tr2::dynamic_bitset

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/92124 fix incorrect container move assignment

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/92143 adjust for OS X aligned_alloc behaviour

[PATCH] PR libstdc++/92267 fix ABI change in deque iterators

[PATCH] Process new C++17 and C++20 headers with Doxygen

[PATCH] Qualify type names in <ext/throw_allocator.h>

Re: [PATCH] Remove broken URL from libstdc++ manual

[PATCH] Remove greedy wildcards from libstdc++ linker script

[PATCH] Remove PR 92268 workaround and fix new test failures

[PATCH] Remove redundant std::allocator members for C++20

[PATCH] Remove some more using-declarations from namespace __gnu_cxx

[PATCH] Replace C++14 feature used in C++11 test

[PATCH] Replace uses of std::tr1::unordered_map in testsuite

[PATCH] Restore use of tr1::unordered_map in testsuite

[PATCH] Review std::copy istreambuf_iterator specialization

[PATCH] Simplify common case of use_future_t that uses std::allocator

[PATCH] std::experimental::simd

[PATCH] Use __is_same_as for std::is_same and std::is_same_v

[PATCH] Use if-constexpr instead of overloading for customization point

[PATCH] Use implicitly-defined copy operations for test iterators

Re: [PBDS] Rejuvenation

Re: Add std::copy_n overload for istreambuf_iterator

Re: copy/copy_backward/fill/fill_n/equal rework

CXXABI_TM_1 status

Fail to compile libstdc++ with concepts on clang experimental version

FW: A possible make_shared bug

RFC: Bug 92285 - Layout of istreambuf_iterator subobject depends on -std mode

template auto deduction ICE in the latest gcc master version.

Update aarch64 baseline symbols

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