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Re: [PATCH] std::experimental::simd

Hey Matthias,

Sorry about missing you in Cologne. I have been meaning to send a
followup email. I'd like to start the review of this patch but I don't
think I'll have time before the close of stage 1, as I have a few C++20
features I'm trying to finish by the end of the month.

Can we set up a bit of time early next week to discuss this? I can
arrange BlueJeans teleconference.


Matthias Kretz writes:

> Let me try again to get this patch ready. It will need a few iterations... 
> This patch is without documentation and testsuite. I can add them on request 
> but would prefer a follow-up patch after getting this one right.
> I recommend to review starting from simd.h + simd_scalar.h, then 
> simd_builtin.h, simd_x86.h, and simd_fixed_size.h. I sure when we get this far 
> we are a few iterations further.
> Regarding the license. The license header is currently just a copy from my 
> repo, but we can change it to the libstdc++ license. The paperwork with the 
> FSF is done.
> 	* include/ Add new header.
> 	* include/ Regenerate.
> 	* include/experimental/simd: New header for Parallelism TS 2.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd.h: Definition of the public simd
> 	interfaces and general implementation helpers.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_builtin.h: Implementation of the
> 	_VecBuiltin simd_abi.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_combine.h: Preliminary
> 	implementation of the _Combine simd_abi.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_converter.h: Generic simd
> 	conversions.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_detail.h: Internal macros for the
> 	simd implementation.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_fixed_size.h: Simd fixed_size ABI
> 	specific implementations.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_math.h: Math overloads for simd.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_neon.h: Simd NEON specific
> 	implementations.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_scalar.h: Simd scalar ABI
> 	specific implementations.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_x86.h: Simd x86 specific
> 	implementations.
> 	* include/experimental/bits/simd_x86_conversions.h: x86 specific
> 	conversion optimizations.

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