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Re: [PATCH] detect incompatible aliases (PR c/81854)

On Wed, 2017-09-20 at 10:17 -0600, Martin Sebor wrote:
> The comment copied below from sysdeps/aarch64/multiarch/memmove.c
> suggests this might be deliberate:
> /* Redefine memmove so that the compiler won't complain about the
> type
>     mismatch with the IFUNC selector in strong_alias, below.  */
> so my guess is that the improved type checking has just exposed
> this mismatch.  Can you please post the translation unit so we
> can confirm it?
> Thanks
> Martin

The translation unit is sysdeps/aarch64/multiarch/memmove.c.  If I
preprocess that and cut out the unneeded parts I get:

extern int i;
typedef long unsigned int size_t;
extern void *__redirect_memmove (void *__dest, const void *__src,
size_t __n)
     __attribute__ ((__nothrow__ )) ;
extern __typeof (__redirect_memmove) __libc_memmove;
extern __typeof (__redirect_memmove) __memmove_generic ;
extern __typeof (__redirect_memmove) __memmove_thunderx ;
extern __typeof (__libc_memmove) __libc_memmove;
__typeof (__libc_memmove) *__libc_memmove_ifunc (void) __asm__
__attribute__ ((__optimize__ ("-fno-stack-protector"))) __typeof
(__libc_memmove) *__libc_memmove_ifunc (void)
                __typeof (__libc_memmove) *res = i ? __memmove_thunderx
: __memmove_generic; return res; }

__asm__ (".type " "__libc_memmove" ", %gnu_indirect_function");
extern __typeof (__libc_memmove) memmove __attribute__ ((alias

Which, when compiled gives me:

% install/bin/gcc -c x.c
x.c:15:34: warning: ‘memmove’ alias between functions of incompatible
types ‘void *(void *, const void *, size_t) {aka void *(void *, const
void *, long unsigned int)}’ and ‘void * (*(void))(void *, const void
*, size_t) {aka void * (*(void))(void *, const void *, long unsigned
int)}’ [-Wattributes]
 extern __typeof (__libc_memmove) memmove __attribute__ ((alias
x.c:10:84: note: aliased declaration here
 (__optimize__ ("-fno-stack-protector"))) __typeof (__libc_memmove)
*__libc_memmove_ifunc (void)

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